The Literary Fold

An M made from the folded pages of a book

Hi, I'm Morgan, the creator of The Literary Fold! I am passionate about reading and leading a more sustainable lifestyle, so I've combined these two passions to create unique, one of a kind book sculptures.

To make my book sculptures, I upcycle hard cover books from thrift stores, garage sales, and other second-hand sources. I sometimes have pre-made books available for purchase, but I also take custom orders!

Right now I only make books for sale locally in Waterloo Region. If you’d like your own book sculpture, or if you’d like to invite me to vend at your next event, please reach out at the contact form below!


Hi, I'm Morgan!

I'm a theatre scholar, online content creator, and an avid reader. My favourite book genres are sci-fi and self-help, and my favourite books are “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown and “The Employees” by Olga Ravn.

How I Do It:

All of my books are designed by me using Adobe Illustrator. Once I’m happy with a design, I upload it to a local software that was built for my book folding project. The program tells me where I need to mark and fold each page of the book to achieve the design. With that, I get to work!

On Living Sustainably:

Thrift stores aren’t as effective at mitigating consumption and waste as we might like to think. 80-90% of all clothing donated to the thrift store is not getting resold. Besides donating old goods, another way to prevent them from going into the landfill is to upcycle them, meaning you take something that would otherwise get thrown out and transform it into something new–possibly something even better than it was originally. That is what I am doing with these books and I never use new books in my project.


See something you like? Contact me to purchase or to request a custom order!


I do custom orders! If you’re interested in a book from this site, or a custom order, or just have a comment, reach out!